Meet Our Team


Across our Partners and Advisors, we cover an array of competencies necessary for startup growth in developing regions – International & Local technology experience, platform development & scaling, e-commerce/digitization, entrepreneurship, analytics and modeling, financial evaluations, mergers & rollups and exits amongst others.

We also have institutional investment in the fund, which allows us to support startups with local large scale business networks.

In Pakistan, not only will technology startups capture market share, but will innovate solutions that will be unique, and will add value on the global stage which excites us a lot.

The sAi name pays homage to the meeting point of the Hindukush, Himalayas and Karakoram in Pakistan. The choice of the name is reflective of our vision for startups – rare and local to the country.

General Partners

Ahsan Jamil

Partner & CEO
Ahsan has ~18 years of experience in the U.S, spanning various leadership roles in technology and platform development, analytics, strategy and transformation. Pakistan is of keen interest to him as the next great emerging market, and he’s passionate about bringing capital, technology and scaling capability together, along with the right people to collaborate in this opportunity.

Sheraz Monnoo

Sheraz is a graduate of Boston University School of Management. With 20 years of experience working in Pakistan, having managed companies involving textiles, energy, and real estate development. With his past management experience he is keen on building a platform for entrepreneurship and leadership through scalable technology.

Taha Naseem

Taha has 10 years of experience in entrepreneurial ventures focused in technology and building materials. He is a director at DWP Group: home appliances, and IT and manages Dandot Cement. Taha completed his engineering from University of Illinois Urbana – Champaign and MBA from INSEAD. He would like to help grow and elevate the startup ecosystem through his experiences.

Charles Withee

Charles is a 36 year commercial banking veteran having served as the chief lending officer for BankProv in his last role. He has a BS in accounting from University of Massachusetts and a graduate degree in executive banking from Georgetown University. As our strategic advisor he brings in the relevant experience for rollups, mergers and acquisitions between Pakistani startups and their counterparts in the west for sAi.

Ammar Khan

Sr. Investment Analyst
Ammar has 4 years of experience with Unilever Pakistan, having served in customer development, marketing and supply chain as the finance business partner. With a bachelors from IBA, MBA from LUMS and a CFA under his belt, Ammar has always been very passionate about business and finance and his role with sAi provides him with an ideal platform for working with and adding value to the startups in the local ecosystem.